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Stimulation the clitoris is just not the hidden secret of a women orgasm, brain is the much more complex part of the human body.

An Article published in a sexologist Journal shows, during sex if a women have erotic thoughts and focusing body sensations have a higher level of achieving an orgasm. Combination of Sensory and Psychological signals are the main reasons of sexual pleasure. They suggests sexual desire and orgasms are influenced by nervous system and brain which control the sex glands and genitals. Brain activity widespread orgasms in men and women, but it is not only related to physical, but also psychological and its factors as well. Different researches shows that brain play a key role in orgasmic pleasure. An orgasmic experience is more satisfactory instead of sensory aspects.

Researchers of Human Sexuality Research Laboratory at the University of Ottawa and the University of Louvain in Belgium observing that the cognitive aspect of an orgasm is important for women or not. For this purpose they recruited 251 French Women. Their ages were between 18 to 65 Years. All these women were sexually very active and frequently sexual activity counted in them between 2 and 90 times per month.

Out of all 251 women, during sex 176 women who considered themselves “Orgasmic” had orgasms regularly and remaining 75 women considered themselves as “Not Orgasmic” having difficulties during sex with their partners. During both activities, sex and self-stimulation, all women answered questions about behavior, thoughts and emotions which play a key role in being able to orgasm.

Conclusion of above research is that orgasmic experience is cognitive effective, having strong determinants of Psychosocial.

Other researches also shows that both groups of women did not facing any difficulty while focusing on erotic fantasies when it came to self-stimulation without presence of their partners. Not Orgasmic Women, during intercourse, facing difficulties while focusing their attention on present moments of having sex with their partners. Their concerned about their looks and weight consciousness disturb them during sex and not allowing them to experience sexual pleasure. On the other hand, an Orgasmic Women feels more pleasure during sex with their partners and having less sexual distress.

Age factor does not matters, when it comes to female orgasm. In achieving an orgasm, an older women face less difficulty rather than their younger counterparts. When it comes to reaching an orgasm, a sexual learning curve exists.

These findings revealed that the ability to focus a women’s mind directly impacts sexual performance at all.





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