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 There is tremendous amount of taboo around woman sexual desire.There are so many factors and anger that is still keeping women in a place of uncomfortable sexual endurance rather than a place of delicious sexual pleasure. It is still around a women and her pleasure.

Many of the factors which shape female’s sexual desires and thoughts remain undetected by our conscious minds. There are most common desires and secrets of females that they might not tell you about it. Here are some of the female sexual secrets which they keep even from themselves:-


How many times a woman think about sex? It is very hard to count your sexual thoughts in a day but it may frequently occur more often you realize. Recent researches shows that women frequently think about sex more often than they normally would. Researchers in an effort to measure the accurate frequency of sexual thoughts, they asked a woman for estimating how often she thought about sex in a day. She self-reported 8 times a day on average thinks about sex. Another way, the researchers asked a woman to carry golf tally counters with her and to click the counter each time she thought about sex. After using this method, female recorded more frequently thinking about sex, which is about 19 times in a day on average during clicking the tally counters.

Sexual thoughts involves retrospectively, which is estimating how many times we think about sex. However, it can be compromised by incorrect memory, sexual stereotypes and even concern over double standards of sex.

These finding shows that females more often thinking about sex than they consciously realize, although they could not, rule out the possibility that carrying the tally counters actually causedfemale to think about sex more often than they normally would. This finding indicates that females and males are more sexually similar than our famous gender stereotypes would suggest.



Lubricants can enhance female pleasure. For many females adding a lubricant to love making can make their sex more ecstatic than uncomfortable. If you want to make things even better, add the lubricant with somewomen topical arousal gel for example Zestra. It can be adding pleasure to a female who lubricate quite normally as well as that female who experience ‘Vaginal dryness’ in their old age – can happen quite normally. To better understand the phenomena about aging females and lubricants, if going to be comfortable talking about to male about ‘ED’ which supporting lots of older men with their erections, we better get the point of older females about lubricants.



Many researchers reveal that women are fully unaware of what activates their sexual desires. Straight women and lesbians may not be fully detected their sexual attraction towards women or men. On the other hand straight and gay men seem to effectively detect their sexual attraction towards women and men. For this purpose researchers experience this with three different sexual films of men and women. First film featuring a man and a women sex, second depicting two women and third one featuring two men. The researchers objective is to measure the physiological genital arousal whiles the respondents showing their own feelings of sexual arousal. Results of men’s self reported sexual arousal and physiological genital arousal matched with their declared sexual orientation. Rather the most interesting results were found for both heterosexual and lesbian women. Both categories were equally physiologically aroused by all three films. Although lesbians thought they were more sexually aroused by the film featuring  two women, while on the other side straight women thought they were more sexually aroused by the film featuring a man and woman.

Final results of this research shows that female’s sexual attraction is more flexible then men’s. Above research suggests it’s not necessary that females are inherently bisexual. Moreover, if a female’s sex drive is stronger, than they seems to be more attracted towards both sexes, regardless of their declared sexual orientation. Females does not really understand it, that their sexual desires may be a “generalized energizer of sexual attractions to both women and men”.

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